My specialty has been Pectin for 20 years and counting. Many times every year I am asked the question, “Do you have organic pectin”. The simple answer is there is no pectin manufacturer in the world that produces organic pectin that will comply with the organic standards of the United States.

The long answer. Pectin is extracted from two main fruit sources, citrus peel and apple pumas. The amount of either fruit required to make pectin is very large. Due to this fact, producing a true organic pectin would be very expensive and cost prohibitive.

On the positive side, the process of extracting pectin (washing, precipitation, adding methol/amid groups and drying) secure the final product is free of pesticides. This is why there will more than likely never be a true organic pectin.  Whether the original product is organic or not, the end product would be the same.

The purpose of this blog is to bring understanding and knowledge to those who use and consume products containing pectin. More over to simply let every one who wants to know that pectin is SAFE and pesticide free.

Btw, pectin is a soluble fiber that some people claim have medicinal value to the digestive system. A home remedy was used for many years by mothers in Europe. They boiled apple peels and use the natural pectin extracted into the water to stop diarrhea in infants. In those days this condition could be fatal.

Some have claimed that pectin is helpful for those who suffer from arthritis and some forms of cancer. I must state that all  medicinal claims are just that. I am in no way endorsing or giving credibility to these claims. After being in the pectin business for so long you here them all. In any case, I find such claims interesting and thought I would pass them a long.

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  1. I have a question, how can jelly companies claim a product is organic if the pectin is not? I am truly curious as I have been trying new ways to make foods that are free of all the chemicals that manufacturers use in our foods nowadays. Thanks so much for your time and help.

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